Coming Soon: DKNY Sweet Delicious Fragrance Range!

Alas, we still can't believe that we've already said goodbye to DKNY's Delicious Candy Apples range. We loved the incredibly fruity range and are cherishing the remains of our bottles (or shall we say "apples"?!)

But DKNY are launching a whole new fragrance range! Waheyyy! It's still in its popular apple bottle design so not to worry! 

The fragrance range is called the 'Sweet Delicious' range. This range is so exciting because they're apparently cup-cake inspired. 

The yellow fragrance as shown on the left, is called 'Creamy Meringue' and is a floral, musk fragrance with hints of lemon. 

The pink fragrance is called 'Pink Macaroon' (We love the name already!), and is supposed to be a floral fruity scent consisting of the scent of pomegranate, nectarine, and flower petals. This one is bound to be our fave!

Finally, the green fragrance is called 'Tart Key Lime'- a zesty floral scent with a hint of spiciness.

Just a quick disclaimer, we've never smelt these fragrances as they're not released yet, we're just providing you guys with some sneak-peak info before it hits stores in March!

The fragrance will be exclusive to Debenhams from 4th March, and will then be available in most stores from April 1st. The fragrance will retail at £36 at 50ml.


  1. Hey!

    Thanks for posting about this! Do you know yet if this if limited editon like the last range? :)

  2. I think the Creamy meringue will definately be my type of scent... love zingy floral fragrances!


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