Bags of Beauty Blog: Happy 1st Birthday to BM Beauty!

BM Beauty, a cruelty free make-up brand founded by former Pussycat Doll, Kimberly Wyatt and business partner Laura, made its debut this time last year but I never heard of it until April through an internet search as I wanted to start using cruelty-free make-up products. I was then given the opportunity to try some of their products, and a very lucky chance to interview Kimberly herself which instantly boosted traffic to my blog! Read the interview here:

My first post on BM Beauty received many member comments saying they've never even heard of BM Beauty, which was a little bit disappointing. I thought the products were amazing- their eyeshadows were incredibly soft and fine, and after I wear eyeshadow for more than 8 hours, my eyes get irritated but the BM Beauty eyeshadows didn't irritate my eyes at all. In fact, because the eyeshadow is so fine, it's so easy to remove! It's as if the make-up brand was actually made for me...

Whenever I see BM Beauty in a blog-post or in a magazine, I always feel glad that people love the products just like I do, and I really hope that BM Beauty hits the high streets soon so that everyone will know about it and get to try their fab products, and I hope that some new products are introduced. BM Beauty products are available to purchase online at: The website also has some great video tutorials creating different make-up looks, with Kimberly as the model!

Happy Birthday BM Beauty!

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  1. Happy birthday bm beauty! I need to start using cruelty free makeup too...


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