Bags of Beauty Blog: ghd Limited Edition Scarlet Set

As you may have already guessed with a couple of our previous posts, we LOVE Katy Perry! So we were thrilled that she was the face of the new ghd limited edition Scarlet Collection.

The first thing that left us with our mouths open was the pretty design of the styler; it has scarlet plates that are so smooth and the overall design is so sleek that it strangely makes styling your hair a lot more fun (even if your hair may be untamable).

I used to have really annoying frizzy hair that I tended to neglect because no hair products or stylists could treat. I have curly hair that can get frizzy when its been damaged by the winter or the sun, and these ghd's still managed to straighten my hair professionally even when it was 'frizzily damaged'- amazing- I couldn't believe my eyes! I will put some pictures up when my camera if fixed!

Why use ghd? 
- Incredible fast heat-up- 2 seconds literally!
- A lovely musical sound when they're turned on!
- Super smooth plates leaving your hair smooth and shiny
- A heat resistant mat which also forms a lovely clutch-type bag to keep your styler in
- The contoured edges of the plates make straightening your hair a lot easier as it tends not to grab or pull your hair like other stylers do.
- Styled hair lasts longer with ghd.

Also, all ghd products come with a 2 year Guarantee so don't be afraid to use your styler as if you have any problems, you can contact ghd and have it replaced if it stops working. I wish I still had the guarantee on my camera, so it would be fixed quickly so I can show you some pictures! I haven't experienced any problems yet, but I hope I don't!

The ghd Scarlet styler set retails at £129 and can be purchased at some salons and

Have you tried ghd? Pop your comments below!


  1. Got this for Christmasss!! I love it so much! I love how you mentioned the bleeping noise when you start it up haha!!

  2. I'vealways used remington when it comes to straigtening but this looks really cool!

  3. GHDs arent actually expensive for what they're worth. Loving the look of these

  4. Katy Perry looks amazing and I can't wait to actually try GHD's for myself when i get paid at the end of the month. My hair has only been touched by a GHD at the hair salon!

  5. I love ghds! I have the pink one that supports breast cancer but i want this one too! :-D X

  6. Thanks for recomending this! Perfect gift for my sister!

  7. Great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts x


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