MeMeMe Seventh Heaven!

Here's a product that you'll fall in love with at first smell and touch! It's the MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Facebase!

Seventh Heaven is basically a primer but in the form of a moisturiser. It absorbs so easily into your skin, and a little bit goes a long way with it as it's easily spreadable due to the texture of the face base being incredibly smooth and lightweight.

The Seventh Heaven Facebase smells absolutely gorgeous! It's a strong citrus smell formed of the scents of mandarin and lemon and everyone at the MeMeMe press event a few months ago loved it!

The best bit about this primer, except for the amazing smell- is the fact that it isn't like any old primer where  it makes the dry patches of your skin even more dry. Seventh Heaven moisturises it and cools and hydrates your skin rather than making it worse.

You can apply the Facebase before you apply your make-up, or you can even go without make-up! We guarantee that you'll love this!

Have you tried the Seventh Heaven Facebase? What do you think of it?

This product retails at £15.00, and can be purchased at Superdrug, or as part of a MeMeMe gift set from Argos.


  1. The tester is always empty is superdrug so I never get to test it out :( But I'm hoping the man buys me this with some other goodies for xmas xx

  2. Thanks for reccommending! Cant wait to try!

  3. Already used up 3 of these! Smells gorge x

  4. The packaging looks pretty chic actually. Was mememe rebranded?

  5. This came in my friends Glossybox this month and we both agreed that it was sooo lovely!!!


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