Lacoste Touch of Pink!

Feel fresh with Lacoste's Touch of Pink fragrance! It's the perfect Christmas present for those who are sporty, or love a good fresh scent.

It makes a perfect day fragrance when you just want to smell natural and fresh, or you can even wear it before you play sports or go out for a run to feel extra sexy!

You first smell a musky orange scent when you spray the fragrance, which then begins to smell more like jasmine and vanilla as you continue to wear it. This fragrance is definitely the best out of the whole women's Lacoste fragrance range.

Unfortunately, Lacoste Touch of Pink isn't available in Eau De Parfums, otherwise the fragrance would have been a little stronger, and would have lasted longer too. But, because this fragrance is a fresh and natural scent, it's probably not a good idea to have it on so strong.

Try not to spray too much of this fragrance on though, as one of the disadvantage to over-sprayers is that it tends to smell quite tacky and full on, as it's intended to be a light, natural spray.

The bottle of the fragrance is clear with pink elements (which we love!). It's quite a sleek bottle and it's in an ideal shape to keep in your gym or sports kit (no funny bottle shapes!).

Lacoste Touch of Pink retails at £24.50 for 30ml, £37.50 for 50ml, and £48.50 for 90ml from The Perfume Shop, but can also be purchased at other major retailers, i.e. Superdrug, Boots.


  1. I love this! But the perfumed body lotion in the xmas sets are even lovelier!

  2. My boyfriend brought me this for my birthday and was really happy with the fragrance :)

  3. I still have the miniature version of this from the valentines free gift last year! I want to preserve it since I finished my 50ml bottle ages ago haha!

  4. Oh its interesting how the fragrance changes the longer you use the fragrance! I am following you now
    Elle xo


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