Bags of Beauty Blog: Andrea Fulerton Crystal Gemstones!

Andrea Fulerton is a professional celebrity nail technician and she really knows her stuff when it comes to nail art and nail care- her nail products never fail to disappoint, and these Crystal Gemstones are no exception.

These Crystal Gemstones by Andrea Fulerton are amazing if you want professional looking, glam nails the way you want it, and have it done in your own time, in your own space.

The Crystal Gemstones are Swarovski Element stones and they really shine beautifully in the sunlight. They're easy to pick up and apply with the 'Gem-stone picker' and its sponge bottom in the container- tiny things can be really annoying but this product isn't going to annoy you!

These lasted me a lot longer than I expected- you get 100 gemstones in a pack, and if one falls off after wearing it, you can always stick it back on if the gem isn't missing.

I had a manicure at the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique recently at the Superdrug store in Westfields- London, and the manicurist gave me a little advice about these Crystal Gems.

She told me to use these Crystal Gems on nails that aren't painted in metallic or glittery colours as they tend to take the balance out of the nail art, otherwise it would look too full on and tacky.

Andrea Fulerton products can be purchased exclusively at Superdrug, and it retails at £8.19.


  1. Need to buy these!

  2. The andrea fulerton peel off polishes are amazing! Cant live without them :D

  3. Anonymous01:33

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