O.P.I I Lily Love You Nail Lacquer

Glam up this November with O.P.I's I Lily Love You Nail Lacquer from O.P.I's very own Nice Stems Collection!

The colour of I Lily Love You is a sheer yet shimmery pink with lots of sprinkles of holographic glitter in the colours of silver, blue, and pink glitter! If you love pink- this lacquer has got your name written all over it!

The nail lacquer can be used on it's own, or as a stunning top coat over one of your favourite shades, and the best thing about using it as a top coat, is that you can experiment with any colour you like as a base for your nails, and I Lily Love You is also resistant to chipping! Woohoo!

You only need one coat of this beauty to glam yourself up for any Winter parties, and you'd be bringing out the green-eyed monster in everyone who even catches a glimpse of your 'I Lily Love You Nails'!

O.P.I products are brilliant for super salon quality nails (that's why nearly every nail salon uses them!). 

And O.P.I literally have nail lacquers in every shade under the sun, and they still manage to come up with more fabulous shades! 

Take a look at their website and you'll see, and you can also use the O.P.I online Nail Studio to check out whether you like particular nail lacquer shades according to your skin tone and nail length.

The I Lily Love You nail lacquer retails at £10.50 each for 15ml.

US: http://www.opi.com/
UK: http://www.lenawhite.co.uk/


  1. Wow I actually cannot wait 2 try this! Brilliant hair posts btw

  2. Gonna check if the nail bar down my local high street has this! I'll try it with a purple colour underneath and see what it looks like :) x

  3. I'm a HUGE fan of OPI and I this shade was my favorite out of the nice stems range! I hope they make this a permanent product.

    ~Brenda~ xo

  4. That looks amazing!!!

  5. Wow, that's a pretty awesome colour! I wonder if they sell these in ColourCopia...


  6. :O Such a gorge colour!! Can't wait to test it out

  7. Tania Bavidge20:49

    WOW! Definaely my kinda colour haha x

  8. My colleague was wearing this shade the other day and every1 in the office was so jealous! Defo gonna buy it..

  9. Zaraah Road17:06

    It looks so prettyyyyyy! :)


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