Bags of Beauty Blog: Orly Nail Lacquer in Terracotta

Orly is best known for its professional, salon quality products. Orly products are perfect if you want a lacquer that offers a full, smooth coverage that is available in loads of different colours.

I'm loving the one in Terracotta- a lovely pink/red coral colour. This shade is gorgeous and is incredibly glossy when two coats are applied. I love coral shades, but this shade in particular appeals to me because it's a perfect mixture. Not too red, not too pink, and not too orange. 

The drying time of the lacquer was spot on as it doesn't try up too quickly before you paint your whole nail, so it doesn't streak.

This nail lacquer doesn't chip! I was really surprised when my nails were still in perfect condition after washing the dishes! I think minor chips started to show around day 3/4- but they were only minor...

Orly Nail Lacquer in Terracotta (The actual colour is a little lighter
in this image because of the camera flash).
For me, the brush of the lacquer is great because I'm not a huge fan of maxi-brushes as I hate it when I paint over my cuticles and lacquer gets on my skin. Orly's brush allows you to paint the main surface of your nail as well as the sides (which can be tricky, let's be honest...).
Orly Nail Lacquers can be purchased as a 5ml bottle at Boots for £5.00, and as an 18ml bottle at for £6.75. Check out Orly's website here:


  1. Your nails look so pretty. I've never tried orly before :|

  2. I was so excited when Boots started selling this! I'll defo try this colour

  3. So envious of your perfect nails!!!

  4. Oh wow I love the colour!


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