October/November Celebrity Hair Trends!

The hottest fashion hair, and celebrity hair trends this month are hair buns! You probably wouldn’t believe that such a simple style would hit the ‘Trends book’, but anyone can look stunning with their hair up in a bun, whichever look you wish to create!

If you’re not sure whether a bun is the right hairstyle choice, take a look at these celebrities and their hair buns…

Hayden Panettiere
Here’s an image of Hayden Panettiere back in 2009 sporting the ‘Bun’ hairstyle- which she totally rocks! 

Her hair bun is styled low and volumised, which is then finished with a long side fringe.

This style goes very well with Hayden’s choice of a ‘Smokey eye’ look, and a nude lip as it balances her overall look out, making her look as perfect as a ‘Red carpet’ superstar! Smokey eyes and nude lips are a huge trend for this winter! Although this image of her is from 2009, this look is must to be re-created this season!

Freida Pinto
Actress and model, Freida Pinto has always had the most enviously beautiful hair- it’s long, shiny, and rich in colour.

Freida makes the right decision in opting for a low hair bun with a side parting (which is also a brilliant hair trend for this season). She also adds a touch of Hollywood glamour to her look by making her hair curve down towards her ears.

A pink glossy lip look and a ‘Smokey eye’ look finish the look by sealing in natural and simple tones to go with her rich ebony coloured hair.

Sophie Habibis
X Factor 2011 contestant, Sophie looks gorgeous here as she achieves a glamorous look with her amazing, unique hairstyle as she hears the results on the X Factor.

Her hair is styled into a high bun that is beautifully fanned out to create extra definition and attention to her hair. The fanned out bun-style is also made even lovelier with Sophie’s fringe, which not only frames her face, but also makes her look more like a Hollywood glamour girl!

Would you go for a ‘Bun’ hairstyle? How would you style yours? Pop your comments below!

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