NEW Violent Lips lip tattoos!

Your lips are bound to hit every trend that exists out there with NEW Violent Lips lip tattoos! 

Fresh from Beverly Hills, the tattoos are available in loads of different trendy colours and designs (Even pretty glittery ones!). They're easy and quick to apply, and they can last for up to 4 hours.

Not only will your lips look unique and stand out from the crowd, but you'll also feel like a superstar too! The lip tattoos are regularly sported by various celebrities, including Jessie J and Vanessa from The Saturdays!

The tattoos are perfect for a night out with friends, or even when you want to feel like a Glam Queen!

The tattoos even have magic staying power when you eat and drink! 

If you're worried about applying them wrong, there are plenty of video tutorial on the Violent Lips website instructing you how to apply the lip tattoos, and trust me- they're helpful! Here's the link to it:
My sister wearing the Violent Lips tattoo in 'The Pink Stars'! (As seen above) 

The lip tattoos are available in loads of different fabulous shades and designs!
The Violent Lips tattoos retail at £12 for a pack of three tattoos, and can be purchased at ASOS, Boots, Topshop and Selfridges!


  1. WOW they look AMAZING :) Cant wait to try theseee!

  2. Oh my god these sound really really exiting!!!

  3. I'm in love with the glitter tattoos...... x

  4. Haha That's so cool!! xo

  5. Cassie Shenton11:19

    Ooooh these look lovely.. Are you going to be featuring the other designss?? =)

  6. Nicki Hale11:50

    Wowzaaa :)x

  7. Your sister looks stunning and i love the leapord/cheetah prints. They're really trendy. X

  8. Definately gonna try these!

  9. Shenice WT16:20

    :O These look AH-mazing!!

  10. Wow these look bloody gorgeous and your sister looks lovelyy :) Thanks for introducing me to these! Will be making extra use of my birthday money this evening ;)

  11. Whitney Columbus20:57

    Love the 'xoxo' pattern!

  12. They look so beautiful!! Thankyou so much for writing about this!

    Holly x


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