NEW DKNY Delicious Candy Apples fragrance! (Juicy Berry)

Bring 'Sweet New York Fun' to your home. Take 'Sweet New York Fun' with you wherever you go. Experience the bliss of 'Sweet New York Fun' anytime and anywhere with DKNY's new Delicious Candy Apples fragrances!
With three scents of the perfume to choose from, you're really spoiled for choice! The perfume is available in these scents: Sweet Strawberry, Fresh Orange, and last but not least... JUICY BERRY!

Captured to create the fruity scent of the Juicy Berry Candy Apples fragrance includes a selection of fruits- blackberries, lychees, and pears, which are then smothered with nectar, soft rose petals and apple blossom.
And that's not all... The amazing scent is trapped in one of the traditional DKNY apple-shaped perfume bottles, but with a little twist! The bottle has a cute little lollipop stick sticking out of it, making the perfume similarly resemble a candy apple.

Wear this fragrance on a day out in the city shopping with the girls and you're bound to make a unique statement about yourself from the crowd with the sexy, fruity aroma spritzed from the DKNY apple bottle.

Oh, it's such a shame it's limited edition...

The perfume retails at £29.50 for a 50ml bottle, and is exclusive to The Perfume Shop.

Quick perfume tip!
Make sure your perfumes are kept in a cool place as warm and hot temperatures can affect the colour, and the scent of the fragrance.


  1. This one's ok, but the Sweet Strawberry one is the best! Already brought myself three bottles and I'm still rolling with the intention to buy more!

  2. This fragrance is pretty cool but I have to agree with the person above and say that the Sweet Strawberry scent is the best! I hope they keep these on though x

  3. Cassidy Emerald11:16

    Love these DKNY perfumes! x

  4. Angelina Watts14:45

    Defo gonna have a sniff of this perfume when I hit The Perfume Shop in town!

  5. Thanks for another fab blogpost! I wore this the other day and received so many compliments on the way home!

  6. Thanks so much for this post! i'm thinking of getting this for my mum x

  7. Thankyou for the recomendation :-)

    Chlo x

  8. Out of the three scents this one was my least favourite but I love the other two thouigh :))

  9. Oooh how long is it limited edition for? x

  10. Naomi Matheson11:59

    Didn't they do these before but in a raspberry scent? Maybe I dreamt it lol. I think you should definitely write about the other two scents from the current range

  11. Mithi Travers13:20

    Thanks for this post! Looks tempting to buy :)

  12. Irene Sande19:01

    Great review! Thanks


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