Hands up if you hate cellulite!

Hate the gnawing fact that you have skin that’s prone to cellulite? Whether you have cellulite on your thighs, buttocks, or stomach, it’s always a killer to get rid of!

On top of that, I bet you’ve tried so many cellulite creams/gels that only make a slight difference to your skin, or maybe not even at all?

So let me introduce you to this little life-saver! You’ll be amazed by its wonderful wonders...

The kit contains cute little tubs of Bliss products: Fatgirlslim (A cellulite cream), Fatgirlscrub (An exfoliation scrub), and Fatgirlsleep (An overnight cellulite cream), plus a Fatgirlslimulator- which is brilliant in getting your skin circlulating to get rid of that cellulite!

My experience with this kit was an amazing one as I wasn't expecting it to give such a brilliant result. After using it, my skin always felt super-soft and radiant, and I saw the reduced visibility of cellulite on my thighs!

On top of this, the kit lasts for a lot longer than expected- considering that the content tubs are miniture versions of the full size products.

The kit retails at £30- but for £30, you get to give yourself a good old pamper and you get a bargain too as the products sold individually would cost you a total of £44!

Here's the link to the Bliss website, where you can purchase this, as well as other fab Bliss products!


  1. Tried this and it worked like MAGIC! :D

  2. Thanks for recomending this! Definatly going to try it!

  3. I need this and want to try it, but I'm still skeptical....

  4. I've been to the bliss spa and they have the best pampering treatments ever! I find bliss to be very reliable and so i'm definately going to try this product :-)

  5. I have cellulite on the back of my thighs so it's really difficult to see where it is exactly but i'm definitely going to try this out ;)

  6. The FatGirlScrub is really really good! Never tried FatGirlSleep though :(

  7. Alize Romford14:13

    Even though £30 would be out of my price range I'd still be willing to buy this!

  8. The FatgirlSlimulator looks pretty good!

  9. One proposed treatment for cellulite is to use a dry body brush. The idea is to scrub the thighs and buttocks vigorously with the brush to promote nutrients and remove toxins from the skin. cellulean reviews


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