Bags of Beauty Blog: Superdrug Christmas Press Day!

The month of July is always filled with loads of Christmas press days, and the lovely Z-PR girls hosted a fantastic event for Superdrug in Grape Street last week!

Everyone was shown the Xmas gifts that are going to be in Superdrug Stores from October, and I was amazed by the products. Make sure you all check out the new fragrances exclusive to Superdrug- they're affordable, yet smell so expensive and yummy!

Superdrug also have an exclusive and exciting brand called Studio London making its debut in stores from October. The concept of Studio London's products in similar to Front Cover's- you are given instructions on how to create a particular look. My favourite was the 'Eye Create' which consists of 12 eyeshadows, four glitter dusts and a mascara. And guess what- All of these look books are all under £12.99! I was honestly expecting the price to be around £30 which is similar to Front Cover's pricing.

If you're a fan of GOSH, they're coming out with some brilliant new nail lacquer colours in pastel and jewel shades as well as crackle polishes. I've been flipping through the Autumn/Winter catalogue that we were given and I'm in LOVE with the jewel shades!

At the event, we also had the opportunity to have manicures, massages, and have our eyebrows done. And we all left with an amazing goody bag! 

Keep an eye out for Superdrug this Xmas- I know I will!

Here are some pictures (Sorry, not good quality- primarily because my camera's gone bust, and so had to use my phone):


  1. Love Gosh nail varnishes! xoxo

  2. Sounds gd. Wish I was there.... x

  3. Looking forward to the new GOSH Shades! =)

  4. Olivia Brafman13:24

    I went there too! Weren't you really impressed with the magnetic nail varnish??

  5. wow super jealous! I have a few GOSH polishes, I'm looking forward to their new shades :)

  6. Alesha Keating20:49

    Just nominated your brill blog for a Cosmo award!! xx


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