Bags of Beauty Blog: I've found a replacement! :)

I was really really disappointed when I found out that Loreal were discontinuing the Star Secrets lipsticks (which I loved in Milla and Aishwarya). They were one of my fave lipsticks!

However, my disappointment was slightly made smaller when I had trialled (just realised that's not even a word) L'Oreal's new Colour Riche Inside Serum lipsticks. I see these lipsticks as a good replacement, and I've developed quite a liking for it.

The smell of the lipstick is divine, and I'm definitely finding it a little addictive now- it's quite a strong smell of roses.

It's kind of funny because whenever I try a moisturising lipstick or a lip-cream, the colour isn't as rich, but these L'Oreal lipsticks are both moisturising and perfect if you like your lips to have vibrance in its colour. Although the colour didn't last as long as I had hoped, my lips remained soft and moisturised for quite a long time. I went to a party wearing the lipstick in the shade Sparkling Rose, and I was surprised how my lips remained moisturised throughout.

The lipsticks are available in a total of 12 beautiful shades; my fave shades are Freshly Candy- a lovely light pink colour. The selection of shades are brilliant, but unfortunately there aren't any nude shades, which is a bit of a shame. Here are the shades available: 


  • Color Riche Serum Inside lipstick - Application Video by James Kaliardos



    Our 1st lipstick with a boosting serum at its heart. Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, chosen for their moisturising properties. Enveloped in voluptuous colour that doesn’t feather!

    I also think it's rather clever how the moisturising serum is inside the lipstick, and I love how the lipstick glides easily onto the lips when applying.

    Despite these new lipsticks, I'm still gonna miss L'Oreal's Star Secrets lipsticks... :(

    Let me know whether you've tried the lipstick. If not, which are your favourite shades?

    The lipstick retails at £8.69 at Boots, but can also be purchased at Boots.

    L'Oreal products can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug.


    1. Yasmin Range20:29

      Love the first shade!!

    2. Arden Sunset is the bestt! Still stocking up on the Star Secrets haha! x

    3. They discontinued the star secrets??? Thank you for the alternative though... Will be trying it out this week :)

    4. Abbi Clarke09:21

      LOVE this lipstick! The packaging looks so professional doesn't it? x =)

    5. Jaspreet Beresford09:53

      these lip-sticks are amazing!

    6. Defo going to go out and purchase the first and third shade!

    7. Tried these lipsticks last week and they're definatelty worth every penny! Too bad about the nude shades however cos everyone needs a good old nude shade xxx

    8. My favourite is the radiant rose shade xxx

    9. Keisha P12:16

      They look lovely! Will be following when i've made meself a google account :)

    10. This is my signature lipstick! Only recently started usingt it and I don't think I can live without it! I really hope loreal doesn't discontinue these.....

    11. Yemi Kay14:19

      Thanks for the recomendation. Will be buying it later this week :)

    12. This looks super awesome!! =)


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