Bags of Beauty: Dream Cream works... Like a dream!

LUSH Dream Cream (Taken from the LUSH website)
When I first checked out the product in LUSH Brent Cross, I saw that it was priced at a pricey £10.75 (:O) so that kind of put me off. But as soon as I tried out the cream on the back of my hand, I fell in love with it- the cream easily absorbed into my skin and made my skin feel super soft. So I brought it and I don't regret spending my money on it.

The product contains rose water, which is essential in calming the skin down when it becomes irritated and is also very useful in nourishing and hydrating your skin.

Other ingredients include Oat Milk, and lots of good oils (including Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil), so your skin is bound to end up as smooth as silk when you've slapped a bit on. 

I've already been using the cream for a few days, and I can already feel the difference in the softness and the hydration of my skin. 

I have a skin condition called 'Keratosis Pilaris' on my arms and so hydration for my skin is key, and I can definitely see the improvement of the condition after using Dream Cream. Seriously, if you have troubled or irritated skin, use this fab product!

The product has a lovely unique herbal smell and the texture of the cream is incredibly smooth. Another aspect I love about the product is that the cream lasts for ages on your skin, so re-applying won't be a big issue.

Tip: For even more brilliant results, exfoliate your skin with LUSH's Sugar Babe or Sugar Scrub before applying Dream Cream.

At £10.75, Dream Cream is totally worth it! Go on, take a trip down to your nearest LUSH store- I promise you won't regret it!


  1. Debbie Magenta22:59

    I found out about your blog on twitter. Thanks for this i only just googled kertosis pilaris and now i know what my best mate has on her arms and legs. She's been trying to find out what it wasfor ages. Defo gonna tell her to read this post x

  2. Rebecca Althorpe16:39

    Thanks for this!!

  3. I LOVE this product! No wonder its so popular! xx


  5. Its a bit oily so it takes a while to get used to -x-


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