Product review: Revlon ColorBurst Lip-glosses

Revlon ColorBurst lip-glosses (Not my own image)

If you've always wanted a lip gloss that adds volumes of colour, shine, and a sprinkling of glitter, which doesn't have that tacky, sticky feel to it, you'll have Revlon to thank for introducing their new ColorBurst Lip-glosses. 

In its trendy, sleek packaging, the lip-gloss come in a huge variety of shades for all you lip-gloss lovers to choose from! With brilliant colours such as vibrant pink and soft gold, you’d probably end up buying all 15 shades.

My experience of this lip-gloss was a pretty good one. The lip-gloss tube is specially designed to prevent excess lip-gloss on the applicator, which is great as you can build up the coverage to your satisfaction and evenly apply it over your lips. The lip-gloss didn’t last very long but I always say it’s good to re-apply lip-gloss in order to refresh the colour and shine of your lips.

I was also impressed with the applicator of the lip-gloss- the tip is quite small and precise, which means that you can apply the lip-gloss with more accuracy.

My favourite aspect of the lip-gloss has to be the vibrant colour and the glitter, which makes your lips stand out.
Colour shades available (Shade names to be provided soon!)

My fave shades of this lip-gloss has to be Hot Pink, Strawberry, and Papaya. 

These lip-glosses are perfect for a glam night out or to add a bit of vibrance to your look, and with so many colours to choose from, you’ll find it difficult to not find a lip-gloss that matches your outfit.

If you want to develop your look by adding more definition, colour and moisture to your lips, use Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipstick or ColorStay Lipliner.

The lip-glosses are priced at £7.99 each. 

Quick tip!
Make sure your lips are well moisturised before applying lip gloss as not only will it make your lips look more fantastic, but it will also allow you to apply the lip gloss much easier.

I would say to use lip scrub, and a dash of lip balm in order to create a smooth base before applying lip-gloss.

What are your views on the Revlon ColorBurst lip-glosses?

Revlon products can be purchased at Boots and Superdrug stores.


  1. Love love love these lip glosses, the colour range is great! :) x

  2. Shannon Hues09:36

    Pls pls can you write about the Revlons colourburst lipsticks too! Loved this post. I frickin' love revlon! x

  3. Revlon is the best cosmetics brand EVER! Great review by the way x

  4. Elly16:49

    My fav shades of the lip gloss are 'Papaya' and 'Strawberry' Cannot live without them!!!

  5. Tbh i didn't think these lip glosses would be good but they were brilliant for my best mate's wedding cos they were so colourful!

  6. I remember when i used to put a coat of lipgloss over my lippy but i only need to apply the lip gloss with these lovely things :)

  7. Anonymous09:40

    Wow im really urged to just run to boots n pick up lol thanks


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