Pucker up with these fab new lip glosses

Lock N Hold lip glosses: Shades (from left to right): Rock Steady, Twisted Disco, Urban Punk, Break Dance.                     

Us girls all know how difficult it is to find lipsticks and lip glosses that stay on your lips for longer- that's why lip tint pens recently became a trend and replaced the lipsticks in our handbags...

But what about lip glosses? You're still going to want to add some shine to those lips. Well now you can with Collection 2000's new Lock N Hold lip glosses that can last on your lips for up to six hours.

These lip glosses come in six different shades and the scent of them are absolutely amazing! They smell very fruity; honestly, the amount of times I had to go into my make up box and whip these out just to smell them, will probably shock most of you.

The six different shades of the lip glosses include a lilac/pink (Twisted Disco), a light coral (Break Dance), a creamy pink (Rock Steady), a metallic mocha colour (Urban Punk), a pinky red (Beat Box), and a bright pink (Body Pop). The lip glosses add both colour and shine to your lips.

Another benefit from this lip gloss is that it doesn't feel heavy and sticky whilst wearing it. The lip gloss feels very light and gives off a very natural feel. Whereas, if you were wearing a very sticky lip gloss, your lips would probably feel quite tacky.

Another great thing I found about these lip glosses is that they have a sponge applicator that is very soft and makes lip gloss application much smoother. The sponge applicator also has a unique and efficient shape that's quite narrow, which provides you with much more precision and accuracy when applying the lip gloss.

The lip gloss lasted about 4 hours on my lips but that was until I ate. But honestly, these lip glosses cost £2.99 each. You're not gonna be digging your hands into your pockets for more money with such a great price for an excellent product. This lip gloss lasted much longer than my usual lip gloss.

I strongly recommend this product if you like colour and shine on your lips for longer without that sticky, heavy feel. The fruity scents and the price are just a bonus...

Collection 2000 products are available to purchase at Boots and Superdrug. 

For more info on the product, or to see the colour swatches of the lip glosses, log onto:


  1. Lucy Cameron21:27

    Am looking forward to trying these now..... :)

  2. Ugh, i hate sticky lip glosses that feel awful when i'm wearing it so i'm definitely going to try this... I found this blog very helpful :-)

    Hannah x

  3. Just brought some! They smell so good, thanks for the review!

  4. I'm glad you're all enjoying the blog posts! xx

  5. Katy Payne13:19

    I brought a few of these today from boots and i have to agree- they smell soooo good!


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