Millie Kendall: Interview

Millie Kendall (Taken from Google)
I interviewed the lovely Millie Kendall for one of my journalism assignments at university, so I thought I'd share it with all of my followers.
One of the UK’s well-known business entrepreneur, Millie Kendall- co-director of popular cosmetics brand, Ruby and Millie, lives a very busy lifestyle due to entrepreneurial success.

Kendall claims she finds it difficult to achieve a balanced lifestyle. “The hardest bit is finding the line between work and home and sticking to it” says Kendall, aged 43, who has 2 young children of her own, whom she describes as “very accommodating”.

"I often get home and the day doesn't end and my kids do suffer I think" she adds. On a daily basis, Kendall is constantly in contact with clients, including international clientele.

However, working in the cosmetics industry does have it's highlights. In 2007, Kendall won an MBE Award along with business partner and celebrity make-up artist, Ruby Hammer for their services in the cosmetics industry. Their own cosmetics brand, Ruby & Millie has attracted many fans, including celebrities- Myleene Klass, and Kate Winslet.

Another positivity would include that Kendall and Ruby Hammer, hold contracts with two of the biggest UK retailers- Boots and Superdrug. When asked to describe Ruby Hammer in three words, Kendall replies proudly “Gorgeous, brilliant and passionate”.

Kendall, who chose to settle in London as a teenager whilst her parents lived between LA and London, claims that she wasn’t allowed to buy make-up. “The first products I used were actually my Grandma’s” says Millie, “I wasn’t allowed to buy make-up, nor was I that interested in spending my money on it.”

Although, like every other person, Kendall still had her favourite beauty and 'grooming' products. “Nivea Crème was one of my favourites and I also loved a mascara my Grandma used that was in a pan and not in a wand. You had to add water to it”.

When asked about how Kendall became involved within the cosmetics industry, she replies “It was by pure accident that I got into this business”. As a teenager, she worked for hair salon, Toni & Guy after leaving school, and then began to work for a Japanese cosmetics company, Shu Uemera where she found success. “This was the first stepping stone and I continued to work for this company for many years. As success for the brand grew, my visibility did too.”

Currently, as well as co-directing Ruby & Millie, she, and Ruby Hammer also design make-up products for Scarlett & Crimson, and work with the Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique.

"R&M is the embodiment of our esthetic, so everything about it was designed with our own style in mind." says Kendall with regard to Ruby & Millie. "Ruby as a make up artist needs performance and I need ease of use, so we made a lot of products that had built in applicators."

In relation to the UK’s famous entrepreneur, and multi-millionaire, Lord Sugar, Kendall states "I like him better than his USA apprentice counterpart Donald Trump, who I think is revolting.". Kendall then goes onto add that “He [Lord Sugar] has a sense of humour, and he doesn’t care what people think”. She then states “I respect a rebel”.

With the world in recession, careers in business involve incredible competition. Kendall emphasises that when wanting to become a business entrepreneur, “The single most important thing is passion for what you do”. She also claims that she always did things in her “own way” in order to achieve success.


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